Injured Hiker Rescued Off Of Mount Cube

Orford- At approximately 7:00 am on June 19, 2017, Fish and Game Officials were notified about an injured hiker on the Appalachian Trail on Mount Cube near the Hexacuba Shelter. 68-year-old Aluah Bible from Knoxville, Tennessee, was hiking with three friends on the Appalachian Trail. They had summited Mt. Cube and were hiking in a southerly direction towards the Hexacuba shelter when Bible fell and hurt his leg.  He was able to continue hiking and reached the shelter where he and his companions spent the night.  When he awoke in the morning his leg was swollen and he was not able to walk on it.  He called 911 for assistance.

Rescuers hiked and used ATVs to get close to Bible.  They were able to carry Bible approximately a half a mile to an ATV where he was transported to the road. An ambulance met him at the road and brought him to DHMC in Lebanon.  Bible suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Members from Orford Fire and Rescue, Hanover Fire and Rescue, Upper Valley Ambulance, NH Fish and Game Department, and the Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team assisted in the rescue.

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to purchase a voluntary Hike Safe Card at The card helps support Fish and Game Search and Rescue activities.  For safe hiking tips and a list of essential gear, visit

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