NH Driver Receives Summons for Overloaded Vehicle

On June 28, 2017 at approximately 6:39 a.m., Trooper Nicholas Iannone of the New Hampshire State Police – Troop G stopped an overloaded vehicle traveling along Interstate 93 North Bound in the town of Londonderry, NH.  The 2003 Honda Odyssey was stopped in order to prevent a potential traffic crash due to the many items attached to the outside of the vehicle.  It was discovered that the driver had attempted to secure the load with electric cords and some rope.  The driver of the vehicle was identified as Thomas McNeil, age 57 of Belmont, NH, who was issued a summons for negligent driving and non-Inspection.  The vehicle was towed from the scene to RGA Towing in Pelham by means of a tow bar in order to meet height restrictions.  As Trooper Iannone was escorting the tow truck and vehicle off the highway, an item fell from the vehicle into the roadway.


The New Hampshire State Police would like to remind the public that driving with items attached/strapped to your vehicle could be extremely dangerous for you and those driving nearby.  These objects can obstruct your view or even worse become unsecure and cause an accident.


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