12-Year Old Girl Killed in Boating Accident

On July 17, 2017 at approximately 8:26 am, Marine Patrol was notified of a serious boating accident on Newfound Lake in the Town of Hebron where a 12 year girl was being treated after being struck by a powerboat.

The young girl (name being withheld) had been water skiing on the lake in front of the Hillside Inn while family members watched from the towing boat. After falling, the boat operator, her father, returned to assist when his attention was briefly distracted. During that time the boat, travelling at a slow speed, passed over the top of the girl causing serious injuries to her torso.

She was assisted from the water and immediately transported to shore. CPR was initiated but efforts to revive her were not successful.

Assisting Agencies included the Bridgewater Police Dept., Bridgewater Fire/Rescue, and Bristol Fire Rescue.

This incident remains under investigation.  Anyone who may have further information related to this accident or who may have witnessed this crash is encouraged to contact Sergeant Joshua Dirth at 603-293-2037 or by email at Joshua.dirth@dos.nh.gov

One thought on “12-Year Old Girl Killed in Boating Accident

  1. nan11182

    isn’t this terrible.I had to reread it three times.could not believe the dadwent over his own daughter and killed her.my god..cant see how that happened.its a law here to have a person in back watching (spotting) why didnt they know where she was.what a horrible thing.We have boated for years and so have thousand others and thiz is rare.usually parents are extra causvious when their kids are water skiing or tubing.my first guess he must have been drunk..then see it happened at 8:30 today.so that dont sound too likely. this just seems so horrible..cant believe it.said he was going very slow.usually when we got near or our skiers wedkill the engine etc.how to heck did they go up over a 12 yr old with life jacket and skis unless she had them off.Boy thisbis really a fluke thing.terrible..nancy


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