Teen Rescued from Mt. Monadnock

On Wednesday, NH Fish and Game Conservation Officers received a call from Monadnock State Park personnel at approximately 3:26PM requesting assistance with a 14 year old female who was having a serious medical issue on the summit of Mount Monadnock.  The patient was hiking with camp counselors from the Monadnock Bible Conference Center in Jaffrey at the time of the incident.  Due to the fact that the Conservation Officers had a significant distance to travel to get to the park, and the seriousness of the medical issue, a request for assistance from the Jaffrey Fire Department and Umass Memorial Lifeflight was made by a Department of Natural and Cultural Resources Mountain Patrol Ranger.  A Umass Memorial Lifeflight helicopter picked up a Conservation Officer on Dublin Road.  The helicopter then traveled to the nearest landing zone, which is located .3 miles below the summit.  From the landing zone the CO and the Lifeflight crew hiked up to the summit and provided medical aid to the patient.  The CO, DNCR staff, the camp counselors, and the Lifeflight crew then carried the patient down to the helicopter.  At approximately 7:10PM the Lifeflight crew transported the patient to Umass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA.


Conservation Officers were assisted by members of the Jaffrey Fire Department, The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Umass Memorial Lifeflight, and the Jaffrey Police Department.



NH Fish and Game Conservation Officers would like to remind anyone who ventures outdoors to prepare for the unexpected by leaving adequate time to hike and by carrying the essential equipment such as a map, flashlights, food, water, extra layers and to know your physical limitations.


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