Plainfield Residents Arrested for Murder For Hire

Two Plainfield residents were arrested on Wednesday in a murder for hire investigation.  NH State Police and Plainfield Police took Maurice Temple 63 and Pauline Chase 83, both of 455 County Road into custody.  They were charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Solicitation to Commit Murder, and Attempt to commit Murder.

An extensive investigation and cooperative effort by the following agencies lead to the above arrest:  Plainfield Police Department, NH Attorney General’s Office Drug Task Force, State Police Troop C, State Police Major Crime Unit, and Sullivan County Attorney’s Office.

One thought on “Plainfield Residents Arrested for Murder For Hire

  1. Joan LaPan

    you rot in hell you POS!! You’ll spend the rest of you lives behind bars. Was it worth it to you to listen to your crazy assed mother?? To feed into her evilness?She finally made you as damn crazy as she’s always been? Never in my life did I dream you would stoop to this level. Now you’ve lost it all. For what? Revenge for someone who has moved on in their life? You’ve finally completely wasted what was left of your life due to stupidity and ugliness


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