Minute Man Health To End Coverage for NH Residents

Concord, NH – The Massachusetts Division of Insurance announced today that a court has granted its request to place Minuteman Health into “rehabilitation” to protect policyholders and their health care providers.

The Massachusetts-based health insurance co-op, which insures about 27,000 individual members and three dozen small group members in New Hampshire, announced in June that it would not offer insurance in 2018 because its capital and surplus had been significantly reduced over time. That decision was made in cooperation with its primary regulator, the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, and the New Hampshire Insurance Department, which had been working closely together to monitor the company’s financial health.

Since then, Minuteman Health’s financial condition has deteriorated, and the company’s surplus was reduced to a level that triggered this further action by its primary regulator.  However, regulators expect that the company will be able to meet its obligations to members and health care providers through the end of the year.

“New Hampshire residents who have individual health insurance policies through Minuteman Health can expect they will be covered through the end of 2017,” said New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny. “While rehabilitation has been initiated to protect consumers, their experience as Minuteman policyholders should not change materially through December 31. Members and their health care providers should continue to contact Minuteman Health as they have in the past for any coverage- or claim-related issues.”

Policyholders will be able to choose a new plan for 2018 through HealthCare.gov. Open enrollment runs from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15. More information may be found on the Massachusetts Division of Insurance website, including the regulator’s statement and the rehabilitation order.

The New Hampshire Insurance Department can help: New Hampshire residents with questions about their Minuteman Health coverage can call the number on the back of their insurance card or contact the Department’s Consumer Services Division at 1-800-852-3416 or by email at consumerservices@ins.nh.gov.


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