VT Man Injured in Pittsburg Snowmobile Crash

Pittsburg – At approximately 2:30 PM on Saturday, February 3, 2018, Philip Poirier II, 48, of West Topsham, Vermont was operating a snowmobile on Waterfall Brook Road in Pittsburg. While operating downhill from a scenic view, Poirier encountered an intersection. In an attempt to slow down to make a right turn at the intersection, he applied brake which caused his snowmobile to slide sideways. While sliding sideways the snowmobile caught on the shoulder of the trail which caused it to rollover. Poirier was subsequently thrown from the machine.

His riding partners found him injured on the trail. One of them left to get help and was able to make a call to 911 a couple miles away from the crash scene. Pittsburg Fire Department, Pittsburg Police Department, 45th Parallel EMS and Conservation Officers responded. Conservation Officers were on snowmobile patrol nearby and quickly located Poirier riding on a snowmobile that was being towed on Smith Brook Road. Pittsburg Fire Department responded to this location with their rescue snowmobile and transported Poirier out to an awaiting ambulance. Poirier was transported to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital for treatment of his injuries.


This crash is still under investigation, however it appears that unreasonable speed for the existing conditions was a primary factor in the crash.


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