VSP Arrest Three for Heroin and Cocaine After Traffic Stop

L-R Derek Arie, Kyle Arie, Michael Palmer

Rockingham VT – Vermont State Police arrested three  men for possession of heroin and cocaine after a traffic stop.  Police said they stopped a vehicle for speeding in the northbound lane of I-91 shortly after 7:30 PM last night in Rockingham.  The driver Derek Arie 30, of Baltimore VT was driving with a civilly suspended license.

Troopers conducted a consensual search of the vehicle and the occupants after developing a probable cause. Driver Derek Arie was in possession of nine bags of heroin, passenger Michael Palmer 25 of Walpole VT had 28 bags of heroin and 1 gram of cocaine. Thirty bags of heroin were found on the second passenger Kyle Arie 33 of Brattleboro VT.  All three were arrested and given a citation to appear in Windham Criminal Court on March 27th to answer the charges.

1 thought on “VSP Arrest Three for Heroin and Cocaine After Traffic Stop

  1. Caprice

    So instead of just jail time why not Do an extensive rehab program. Teach them a trade or something. Don’t just lock them up or give ridiculous condition of release. Which if any one hasn’t notice a large percentage don’t follow. Then end up right back in
    Same situation. Yes they need to be punished for the crime. But since tax payers fund prison shouldn’t there be a better outcome than making the criminal worse than when they went to jail? Just a thought


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