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Sunapee’s Police Chief and Sergeant Teaching This Week

fire rangeSunapee Police Chief David Cahill and Sgt. Neill Cobb are using their firearms expertise to teach. Both are firearm instructors for the Sunapee Police Department, and certified to teach in State of New Hampshire and this week are volunteering at the NH Police Academy.  Chief Cahill and Sgt. Cobb will alternate days teaching this week and will provide firearms instruction to the 51 recruits in the current session at the Academy.  Their instruction includes fundamentals, safety, techniques and corrective measures.  The Academy relies on teaching volunteers as part of its teaching staff, not only in firearms training, but in all aspects of classroom training as well.     Through teaching, firearms instructors also get a chance to practice their own skills and learn the latest techniques.

Croydon and Newport’s SAU 43 Withdrawal Approved

NH DOEOn Tuesday, the NH Department of Education approved the withdrawal plans for the Newport and Croydon school districts withdrawal from SAU#43. Each school district will present warrant articles for the withdrawal at their Annual School District Meeting. Newport will vote on Tuesday, March 8, and Croydon will vote on Saturday March 12. A 3/5 vote is require for the article to pass in each district.

Newport School District Adds $318,000 to Proposed Budget

cindy gallagher dan cherry

Dan Cherry and Superintendent Cindy Gallagher

Over 100 voters attended the Newport School District Deliberate Session on Tuesday night. Only article three was amended. The amendment originally called for the proposed operating budget and the default budget to be $17,274,889. Shannon Howe made a motion to increase the proposed budget by $318,000 in order to allow a year transition for moving pre K and kindergarten to Towle School and moving grade 5 to Richards, and 6 graders to the middle high school. Bert Spaulding took issue with the increase to the proposed budget.

The amended article passed on a ballot vote 71-29.

Superintendent Cindy Gallagher expressed her appreciation for those who attended.

Voting on the School District Budget takes place on March 8 by ballot at the Newport Opera House.


Deliberate Session Tonight

newport school districtThe Newport School District holds their Deliberate Session tonight at 6:00 pm. The session allows voters to change, and amend warrant articles to be voted on the Annual School District Meeting on Tuesday, March 8. All register voters are welcome to attend the session at the Newport Middle High School gym.

Sunapee Bomb Scare May Be Connected to Others

Sunapee Middle High SchoolSunapee Middle High School was one of three NH schools that received bomb threats on Tuesday. Sunapee Chief of Police David Cahill said the threats to the schools were delivered differently.

Farmington High School reported a note written on a bathroom wall, but Portsmouth High and Sunapee each received similar calls around noon.

Tuesday was a teacher’s workday so about 50 teachers were evacuated by the no the Sunapee Police with the help of the school’s facilities department. The building was evacuated for about an hour.

The FBI is investigating 20 bomb threats that happened in MA on Tuesday. It is not known if the incidences are related.

Anyone with any information concerning the threat is asked to contact the Sunapee Police Department at 763-5555.

Newport District Moves to Default Budget and Deep Cuts

newport school districtNewport School District will present a default budget of $17,274,889.00 at its deliberate session. The default budget is being used in order to keep the tax increase to $1.50 after an error in revenue was discovered last Friday by the SAU 43 staff. Business manager for the SAU, Terry Wiggins apologized for the error.

Wiggins explained the error

The original budget called for a 3 percent increase with zero tax impact after revenues.

The default budget calls for the following necessary changes, Pre School and Kindergarten will be moved to Towle School with four full days of Kindergarten. Grades 1-5 will attend Richards Comprehensive Elementary and grades 6-8 will attend Newport Middle and High School. In addition, Junior Varsity Sports will be discontinued, along with the Gifted and Talented Fund. There will be another public budget hearing on Thursday, Jan.28 at 6:00 pm.

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NMHS Guidance Counselor on Administrative Leave

newport school districtSAU # 43 Superintendent Dr. Cindy Gallagher announced on Saturday that Mr. Tom Mauzy a Guidance Counselor at NMHS is on administrative leave. The move comes after exposure allegations against Mauzy and his arrest  for off campus conduct in Sunapee.

Gallagher said” This is a personnel matter and the District will make no further comment. “

The Superintendent assures the public that the District staff are working collaboratively to ensure that all students’ needs are met.  Questions about students’ guidance concerns should be directed to the Guidance Office at (603) 865-9657 or to Principal, Linda Sutton at

All other questions or concerns should be addressed to Cindy Gallagher, Superintendent at (603) 865-9701 or

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Sunapee Takes Steps to End Bullying

dr.Malcolm smithSunapee is taking a step forward in dealing with bullying, a subject that has dominated its school board meetings in recent months. Dr. Malcolm Smith one of the Nation’s leading educators on stopping the cycles of meanness, incivility and violence will be at Sunapee Middle High School today. Smith will meet and talk with students at two assemblies this morning, first with high school students, and then with middle schoolers.

Superintendent Russ Holden said Smith with will meet with administration as well as faculty members and members of the public.

The Parent Community Forum with Dr. Malcolm Smith  will be from 6:30-7:30 pm in the Sunapee Middle High School Gym.

Hearing Postponed for Croydon

croydon village schoolA hearing on the merits of Croydon sending students to the private Newport Montessori is now slated for Wednesday March 9. The change of date is due to conflicting hearing schedules of Croydon School District attorney Chuck Douglas. The hearing date for NH Board of Education (BOE) vs. Croydon School District was originally set for January 13 in Newport Superior Court.

On December 14, Judge Brian Tucker denied the NH Board of Education a preliminary injunction for Croydon to remove their students from the private Newport Montessori School and place them in a public school.

Croydon Finalizes Withdrawal Plan

croydonThe Croydon SAU #43 withdrawal committee held a public hearing last night on a revision of their withdrawal plan. Changes made to the original plan were mostly clerical to meet the NH Board of Education (BOE) standards. SAU #43 Superintendent Cindy Gallagher plans to submit Croydon’s plan to the BOE on Wednesday.

Gallagher said that if there are no revisions to the plan it will go forward at Croydon’s Annual School District Meeting.

The BOE has up to 60 days to review Croydon’s plan but Superintendent Gallagher says they are aware that the district wants to get it on the warrant and expects a decision sooner.

In order for the district to withdrawal SAU#43 it requires a 3/5 vote at the March District Meeting.