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Two Vehicle Crash on I-91

According to a press release from the Vermont State Police, two were injured in a motor vehicle accident Monday on the I-91 in Springfield.
Cynthia Todd, 35, of Windsor was driving southbound on I-91 when a vehicle in front of her came to a sudden stop attempting to avoid a loose dog in the road.
While Todd was able to break and avoid rear-ending the vehicle in front of her, Andrew Camber of Athol, MA could not, slamming into Todd’s rear bumper.
Both vehicles sustained damage, Camber’s to the front of his Dodge Ram and Todd to the rear end of her Honda HRV.
Both were sent to Springfield Hospital with only minor injuries.

Breakfast For Students Bill Passes HoR

Today at the New Hampshire House of Representatives, a bill ensuring a healthy breakfast to students around the state, passed unanimously.
In a statement, Representative Mary Jane Wallner (D-Concord) stated, “Access to a nutritious breakfast is critical to a child’s success in school. The CDC has repeatedly evidence that correlates breakfast nutrition with higher grades and standardized test scores.”
Many schools have had difficulties of late providing free and reduced lunch to students. Wallner says this bill should help curb that issue.
“Fully reimbursing school districts for reduced price breakfast will benefit the cities and towns who currently incur the shortfall when students are unable to contribute the 30-cent cost.”

Springfield Medical Files Class 11 Bankruptcy

On Wednesday, the Springfield Medical Care Systems filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. They say facilities will remain open during the process, including Springfield Hospital.
“The health centers and hospital are not closing,” said Joshua Defresne, Springfield Medical Care Systems’ acting CEO. Currently, no layoffs are planned.
The health care system is looking to restructure debt of approximately $6 million to vendors, and $12 million to the bank.
The bankruptcy process is expected to take about a year. Hospital officials are exploring a partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
(Via the Valley News)

Deveney Resigns Amid Crash Fallout

The head of the Massachusetts RMV has resigned. Erin Deveney resigned over the case of Volodymyr Zhukovsky, who killed seven motorcyclists this past Friday.
A statement from MassDOT Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack states, “The RMV had not acted on information provided by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles about a May 11 incident that should have triggered the termination of this individuals commercial drivers license.”
Records indicate that on May 11, Zhukovsky received violations for an alleged OUI anf refusing a chemical test in East Windsor, Connecticut.

Fire at West Lebanon, NH Pizza Restaurant

A small fire at Cantore’s Pizza in West Lebanon, NH luckily left no citizens injured and only minor damage Monday morning.
The owner, Vinnie Cantore, believes a food processor or hand mixer shorted out and started the fire, which then melted a plastic water pipe. He states that the affected area was “really isolated”.
ServPro, a fire and water cleanup and restoration business, will clean the restaurant which remain closed until they are finished. Cantore hopes to reopen by Thursday.
(Via the Valley News)

Lebanon PD Search for Runaway Bikers

The Lebanon Police Department are asking the public for assistance a duo of motorcyclists who reportedly fled the scene of a routine traffic stop at 8:30 AM Saturday morning.
Corporal Adam Leland pulled over the bike due to a suspected misuse of license plates on Mechanic Street. As he approached the motorcycle, the pair fled at high speeds.
According to Leland, the motorcycle is a newer model, matte black sport bike. The two riders were wearing MotoCross style helmets.
The Lebanon PD are asking anyone with info to calm Corporal Leland at 603-448-1212, or the departments anonymous tip line at 603-448-CLUE.
(Via DailyUV)

Assessment on Dog Shooting Case Released

Thursday, The Sullivan County Attorney’s Office sent out a press release, stating that they have reviewed, and made a ruling on, Claremont Police Departments report on the shooting of a Mastiff/Boxer Mix at Monadnock Park last month.
On May 26, 2019, owner Taysa Combs brought her dog Gunner to the Monadnock Park tennis courts to play. While there, a Jeremy Connair shot Gunner claiming self defense. The Attorney Offices assessment sides with Connair.
According to the report, Gunner began barking and chasing Mr. Connair and his girlfriend as they entered the tennis court. Feeling threatened by the persistent barking, Connair pulled his pistol and aimed at Gunner from six feet. When the growling continued, he shot Gunner, injuring but not killing the dog.
The report states that, “In summary, Mr.Connair’s firing a shot into Gunner was justified given his reasonable belief that the shot fired was urgently needed to prevent an attack by Gunner on him.”

20% Hike in Newport Water and Sewage Rates

The Selectboard of Newport approves a 20% hike in town water and sewer rates, citing a sharp reduction in water use as the biggest factor.
A drop in water use by Sturm, Ruger, alongside water conservation efforts, have caused water usage to decrease from 50 million gallons every four months in 2014 to about 30 million in the past billing period.
The water rate per 1000 gallons will increase from $7.84 to $9.41 and the per-1000 gallon sewage rate rises from $10.71 to $12.85. Prior to last year, Newport’s last hike in rates was in 2009.
(Info via the Valley News)

Springfield Drug Suspect Apprehended

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As reported by the Daily UV, Terence Carr, 46, was arrested early Monday morning after fleeing the facility he was residing in while awaiting trial for multiple drug dealing charges.

Springfield Police Officers Steven Neily Sr. and Corporal Jeremy Fitzgibbons made contact with Carr around 1 AM in their patrol car. According to the report written by Neily, Carr was spotted along Clinton Street where he waved to the police. The two officers told the suspect he was under arrest for breaking curfew. It was at this time that Carr began to run.

“Carr took off running for about 25 yards, with the two officers giving chase, before turning around and running back past the officers, and going another 10 yards, before he stopped and allegedly took a swing at Fitzgibbons,” quotes the Daily UV.

Neily reportedly pulled out his taser as Carr again attempted to flee, before tripping on the sidewalk. The two officers were able to subdue the suspect at this juncture. Police searched Carr and stated that he possessed “a glass device with a rubber hose on it.”

At his arraignment Monday, Judge Timothy Tomasi ordered Carr held for lack of $25,000, due to allegations of repeated violations of court orders. Tomasi did state that if Carr were able to find a rehab facility, he would most likely permit his attendance.

Injured Hiker on Mount Cardigan

According to the Canaan Fire Department, on the morning of Saturday June 15th at 9:03, personnel were called to a report of a 23-year old hiker injured near the summit of Mount Cardigan on the Holt Trail.

Fire Station personnel gathered in the parking lot at the West Rail Trail head. Also responding to the scene were crew members from the Alexandria, Bristol, Enfield and Grafton Fire Departments, along with personnel from New Hampshire Fish & Game. A team of Fire/EMS workers from Canaan quickly moved up the trail to make contact with the injured women.

At 11:15, first patient contact was reported, and the hiker was found to have a right shoulder injury. The injured 23-year old was secured to a rescue rope and lowered off the ledge where she originally laid injured.She was then placed in a harness and transported up the Holt Trail to the summit. She was then able to walk back down the West Ridge Trail to the parking lot where the injury was accessed by Canaan Ambulance, and she was released.

The total incident lasted approximately 5 hours. Canaan Fire and EMS sends thanks to all agencies who lent help in the proceedings.